LaVieAnge Golden King

My special keeper Golden boy! I love everything about him.
He was born frosted with long white hairs but he quickly changed to another color.
He is a very muscular boy with a bright, short glittered pelt, large rosettes and amazing contrast.
Golden King has a wonderful head with a nice shape, perfect profile, great chin and small ears.

Bengaluxe OSKAR of LaVieAnge

Oskar is a very big boy with huge rosettes and nice contrast.
He has a very sweet and affectionate personality, he purrs non stop when you pet him.
I feel so lucky to have this stunning boy.
I love him so much!
Big thank you to Julia for this handsome and adorable boy.

Kanpur Ferrari of LaVieAnge

Ferrari is our stunning new boy from Canada of Kanpur cattery. We are so thrilled to have him join our Bengal family. We cannot thank Diana enough for letting us have this gorgeous boy. His coat is extremely soft and ultra silky. This boy has amazing head with a perfect profile, great ear set, outlined rosettes, fantastic type, solid boning and thick tail.

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